Thursday, November 29, 2007

200th Run

I had my 200th run today since Jan. 1st of this year. So far I have ran 644.28 miles, lost 45lb and lost 6 inches from my wist. I continue working toward to my goal of running a marathon sometime next year. I am getting ready to start training for Los Angeles marathon in March 2008.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Graduation Part II

Here are pictures from my master program's commencement ceremony.

Link to pictures

Special Thanks to:
My parents
Sister and brother-in-Law
My study group (Charles, Henry and Benny)
My MBA group(You know who you are...)
All my friends who encouraged and supported me to go back school
My company/boss/managers for their supports while I was going through with my under and graduate programs.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Running Shoes

While I was getting ready for tomorrow morning's five miles run, I picked up my running shoes and realized that I need buy a new pair of running shoes soon. This pair of shoes are only about five month old. I am going to start to shop for new running shoes. This is second Nike Air Max 180 II I went thought in last 11 months. 11 months and 587 miles later, I am going to buy my third pair of running shoes. Should I buy other brands? or should I stick with Nike? I had no problem with Nike shoes. Some friends recommend Adidas, ASCIS and Mizuno .

My running style:
Monday - Friday: 4-5 miles (50 minutes)
Saturday and Sunday: 6-7 miles
Surface: Treadmill and road

Alternative to Nike shoes:

While I was researching for new shoes, I found this holder for my Nike+ chip. This holder is made by a company called lacelid. You can find them at I am thinking to give it a try. I will post more information on it when I get one with my new shoes.

Good Night.

587 miles

My Wish List for 07

58 days until Christmas. It is counting down fast. I just saw this e-mail came across my inbox this morning. I am a self-admitted Apple and ipod/iPhone addict I love my ipod(s) and iPhone. I have 3 ipod(s) (5G 60GB, 2G Nano, 2G 8GB Nano) and an iPhone. I am so a runner. I use Nike+ with my 8GB Nano regularly. I started to use my Nike+ and 8GB Nano beginning of this year. The combination of Nike+ shoes and iPod is a an awesome invention. I use Nike+ to track my workout history and performance data. To date I run 587 miles this year. Anyway, back to this gift box from Nike. I think this is an awesome gift set.

Let's start the list now.

My List for 07
1. Macbook (black)
2. Canon 40D (Body only)
3. One week all expenses paid trip to NYC
4. Canon EFS 10-22mm
5. Canon EF 24-105 f/4 IS L

587 miles and counting

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Graduation Part I

After two years of schooling, I finished my last graduate class on October 1, 2007. This I am done with my master program in business administration from University of Phoenix. I will be attending the graduation for Southern California Campus at Anaheim Convention Center this coming Saturday (Nov. 10) at 10:00AM.

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I will post the picture later..

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Birthday Dinners

For last two days, I had two different birthday dinners. I had two friends have their birthdays in early November.

November 2

We went out to Open Sesame Grill in Belmont Shore. Open Sesame Grill is a Mediterranean/Lebanese Food. We got there around 6:10PM. The place was packed. We waited for about 45 minutes.

Appetizers: We ordered Spicy Hummus and Spicy Sauteed Zucchini. Both appetizers were good.

Entrees :

Sultan's Platter

Chicken Shawarma Plate

Lamb Kabob Plate

Final thoughts:
Entrees were great, but our chiken Shawarma was dried. I would not recommend that. Lamb Kabob and chops were perfect. Dersserts were ok only. We had Baklawa and Baklawa with ice cream. Save your money go to other place for desserts.

November 3

Couple of friends decide to get together to celebrate Vincent's birthday early. We went to BJ's in Arcadia.

Food: Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Most important picture of the evening

!!!Happy Birthday!!!