Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Running Shoes

While I was getting ready for tomorrow morning's five miles run, I picked up my running shoes and realized that I need buy a new pair of running shoes soon. This pair of shoes are only about five month old. I am going to start to shop for new running shoes. This is second Nike Air Max 180 II I went thought in last 11 months. 11 months and 587 miles later, I am going to buy my third pair of running shoes. Should I buy other brands? or should I stick with Nike? I had no problem with Nike shoes. Some friends recommend Adidas, ASCIS and Mizuno .

My running style:
Monday - Friday: 4-5 miles (50 minutes)
Saturday and Sunday: 6-7 miles
Surface: Treadmill and road

Alternative to Nike shoes:

While I was researching for new shoes, I found this holder for my Nike+ chip. This holder is made by a company called lacelid. You can find them at I am thinking to give it a try. I will post more information on it when I get one with my new shoes.

Good Night.

587 miles