Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Wish List for 07

58 days until Christmas. It is counting down fast. I just saw this e-mail came across my inbox this morning. I am a self-admitted Apple and ipod/iPhone addict I love my ipod(s) and iPhone. I have 3 ipod(s) (5G 60GB, 2G Nano, 2G 8GB Nano) and an iPhone. I am so a runner. I use Nike+ with my 8GB Nano regularly. I started to use my Nike+ and 8GB Nano beginning of this year. The combination of Nike+ shoes and iPod is a an awesome invention. I use Nike+ to track my workout history and performance data. To date I run 587 miles this year. Anyway, back to this gift box from Nike. I think this is an awesome gift set.

Let's start the list now.

My List for 07
1. Macbook (black)
2. Canon 40D (Body only)
3. One week all expenses paid trip to NYC
4. Canon EFS 10-22mm
5. Canon EF 24-105 f/4 IS L

587 miles and counting